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The developers of Zaitoon City are Zaitoon Group, who have maintained a good record of completing many successful projects in many cities of the country.

As is well-known and renowned in Islamabad, Blue World City is a housing community where pandemonium is growing daily. The massive project has sparked increased interest from the public, who have asked several inquiries about it. As a result, we have written this post to address all of your worries and questions so that you can better understand Blue World City and assess your investment alternatives.

Blue World City Amenities

This is the first real estate society to be built to international standards and equipped with top-notch amenities. You won't be able to locate the luxuries of Blue World City anyplace else. The best tourist attractions will also be present in the city. So, let's go over each one in more depth. 

BWC Burj Al Arab 

The builders of Blue World City plan to erect a Burj Al Arab copy in the neighborhood. It will be a duplicate of the original one in every manner, even though it won't be as tall as the original one. The offices and leisure venues at Blue World City Burj al Arab will have all the conveniences and services. This enormous building will be 300 feet tall. The developers' corporate headquarters will also be incorporated within that building.

2020 saw the Burj Al Arab's inauguration event. It indicates that society is rapidly developing this structure. As a result, after the development, the value of properties as a whole rises. The timing is right to make societal investments. Instead of focusing on the property's current value, consider how much it will be worth in the future and how much of a return on your investment it will provide.

Development Status

Blue World City Islamabad underwent development following the balloting of these blocks. The development work quickly began after the Rawalpindi development authority accepted the society's No Objection Certificate. According to the most recent data, every plot in the BWC's general and abroad blocks has been sold.

The developers have introduced new blocks into society, including Awami Block, Waterfront Districts, Sports Valley Blocks, and Hollywood Blocks, as a result of the enormous popularity of these two blocks. Only members of the allied class may afford plots in the last block, which is the most executive. It is a result of the higher plot prices in this block. So, we'll talk about Blue World City's three newly added blocks in this article.

Installment And Payment Plan

All different types of investors can afford Blue World City's payment and installment schedule. It is intended for investors who are unable to pay the whole amount upfront. Therefore, after making a down payment, the investor can select a simple installment plan based on the amount of the property they have purchased. Eight quarterly and forty monthly payments make up the Blue World City Installment Plan.

The documents that you need to require for the booking are:

  • 2 Passport Size Pictures,
  • Two copies of your National ID Card
  • Two copies of your Next of Kin National ID Card

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Blue World City File Verification

Important details about the Blue World City file verification procedure are provided to you by Sapphire Properties and other real estate firms like Estate Land. It is simple to examine your file registration for commercial or residential plots using an efficient online file verification system.

The file verification method can be used to verify the files by investors from Pakistan and abroad. However, bear in mind that each real estate firm is just accountable for verifying the files that you have purchased from them.

After purchasing a file from another real estate agent, you cannot go for file verification with that agency. So always trust reputable investors when making a buy. Additionally, you have the option of using Blue World City's online verification system. You must go to the BWC's official website and follow the steps there in order to verify your files online. It is the simplest way to assess the veracity of your project and the accuracy of your files.

What Is Blue World City NOC Status?

The Blue World City's NOC status is the next item in the town's news list. There are numerous speculations going around that Blue World City is not a legitimate society and that it does not have a No Objection Certificate. As a result, for all your knowledge, there is no truth to these rumors. The legal status of Blue World City has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, and it is now a legal society for all kinds of investment.

In fact, Blue World City is the first community in the nation to be built for both residents and tourists. No other national initiative has been specifically created for tourism. BWC has also taken into account the requirements of restaurants in other countries. It is the finest society to invest in based on the Blue World City NOC status and the high project value.

End Note

We covered how Blue World City is a worthwhile investment in the post. Consider a scenario in which you are seeking the greatest housing society in terms of amenities, facilities, payment schedule, master plan, and location. In that situation, BWC is the only place you need to look. The popularity of the project is growing over time, and investors who have invested in it feel secure.

Additionally, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi should be taken into consideration if you're looking for another top housing society in the twin city that can give you the ideal opportunity to live close to nature. The finest housing society for investment and living is this one. So make an investment to make your real estate ambitions a reality.