Child development program

Child development programChild development programChild development programChild development program

Although Ashu has common sense that Wushi San is not a poison, it can even be used to treat typhoid fever, but it is also an indisputable fact that it can make people hyperactive, hot and dry, and the body skin becomes highly sensitive to touch. When taking Wushi San became a fashion among young people like taking ecstasy or injecting morphine, and gradually began to have celebrity effect and addiction trend, Ashu did not feel that the Dynasty it created was so real and enviable, but very depressed, she is now in this era. Based on this understanding, when Ashu saw that more and more teenagers in the Academy began to talk about and even take Wushi San, she felt deeply worried about her cheap son-the cheating Wushi San, which is something that needs to be banned in modern times, but also a luxurious version of the gorgeous additional Viagra function! If his cheap son had taken Wushi San, I don't know if he would have suddenly turned into a rabbit who had taken ecstasy, hugged him and shouted: "Dear, dear, how beautiful life is, how fresh the air in the Academy is, why do you want to stay in the house and read this broken book? Follow me for a walk in the yard!" Nima, Ashu pulled out a lot of hair, to have such a son, who will she rely on for the rest of her life?! The irascibility of the psychological side floated a little, and Ashu, no matter what, rushed to Mrs. Ma's old body and ran to Ma Wencai. As soon as he reached the corner, he got into trouble. Looking at the two thin scholars who were hit on the ground, Ashu's heart silently shed tears, the soul of the poor, the body of the lady, Mrs. Ma's tonnage, ah, is really not covered! These two gentle and thin young men, according to the eavesdropping under Ashu's distraction, seem to be Liang and Zhu, who have realized the miracle of turning into butterflies. At first glance, the relationship between the two people was very good. If it weren't for the little girl's outfit, Ashu thought, it would not be too much to use it like glue. After apologizing and seeing Liang and Zhu go leisurely, Ashucai changed his style and continued to walk slowly to Ma Wencai. Well, this is a full man's dress, unless it is cheap, the son loves to stir up the base, no, stir up the base and divide the object! As soon as Ashu snapped his fingers, Ma Wencai was absolutely not deeply in love at the moment. He took advantage of the meeting to find a busy object for him. He had a daughter-in-law, and did not have to worry about being abducted. Wushi San would not have time to take it. Well, well, it's a good idea to kill two birds with one stone and catch two fish on the same pole! It happened that Ashu's support group, the maid and several servants, had also arrived. Consciousness is not spared, after they found the lady without stopping, Inflatable mechanical bull , they could not recognize each other, and were sent out to work one by one. Ashu's existing idea is very simple, but it is to find more beautiful pictures to raise Ma Wencai's vision first! Of course, Ashu will never admit the true face of his noble sentiments-an innocent child, I want to dye him a little blush ah! I wish the little girl Yingtai sister, in Ashu's view, is just a little Jasper with a little bookish spirit, far from being cheap enough for her son to promise her a white dress to bid farewell to Liang Shanbo's grave at the cost of asking her to marry into his own family! The Eastern Jin Dynasty emphasizes the marriage of well-matched cremation. If the Ma family has some power, then the Zhu family should not be bad! In this way, even if Zhu Yingtai wanted to repent of marriage at that time, I'm afraid it was not difficult. Moreover, in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the folkway was open, and it was definitely not to the point of "starving to death is a small matter, losing chastity is a big matter". It was not a disgraceful thing to remarry, let alone repent of marriage! I really do not know how much of this story is true and how much is false, and how many factors can be changed in this reality? In the dead of night, the beauty picture of Ashu's bad idea was continuously sent to Ma Wencai's room in the middle of the night. The student surnamed Wang who lived with him was said to have been lying in the hospital of the Academy. Because of the power of the Ma family, he dared not report it, so he could only rub in the hospital under the banner of getting angry. Of course, as a result, he somehow got into the eyes of Shan Chang's daughter, and soon Shan Chang's family became in-laws with his king. This is the last word. Besides, brother Wencai, who was so disturbed by Ashu, finally jumped out of the sentence "The child is still young and doesn't want to marry too early" at Ashu, and then walked out of the door as if he had taken Wushi San's impatience. It was said that he had gone for a wild outing. Alas, as expected, the cultivation department of Zhengtai Lolita is suitable for me! Ashu pulled out a few hairs again, summed up the experience of the original procuress and the present lady, and decided to continue to be patient and slowly! However, some things may be urgent, such as letting Brother Liang's silly goose see through Zhu Xiaomei's daughter earlier. As a result, early the next morning, Ashu, who was hiding in the corner with a big pot of soup, smiled wretchedly in his heart. He faced Zhu Yingtai again, who seemed to have got up to solve his physical needs. And this time, it was absolutely intentional. Zhu Yingtai was poured from head to foot by the soup! God, thank you for the beautiful early summer! With some transparent clothes, Ashu seemed to have seen some JQ that should not have been bumped into rippling there! "Ah, Mr. Zhu, you'd better hurry to the room and change your clothes!"! Look at my hands. I'm really sorry! "Old mother, I'm all right, you go ahead." What a kind and pure child! Compared with her, Ashu really felt that he was too wretched, too wrong! But everything is for the happiness of you and the silly goose brother, wish little sister! Ashu defended himself silently, and suddenly felt that he was also a very noble person. Looking at Zhu Yingtai who went into the room, and looking at the silver heart who was going to go in with her, Ashu was so anxious that he forgot about this girl. "Silver Heart, Silver Heart!" Ashu waved to Yinxin, "Old woman, I accidentally dropped something on the back hill." I have old arms and legs. Could you please help me to get it? It's in the small pavilion in the back hill. Watching the silver heart hurriedly left,large inflatable water slide, Ashu and a face of anxious expression immediately pulled Liang Shanbo, that speed, absolutely not a well-fed old woman can run out!.