Tianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

Tianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel ParadiseTianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel ParadiseTianwen _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

But the girl's target, apparently someone else, shot the sword just to stop the two strongest people in the group, Hao wrist turned over, a pair of daggers have been held in the palm of his hand, body temperament in vain, become confusing. Just like a dream, the body gave birth to a strange force field, so that Wu Song and Yang Zhi, who were about to jump on it, were attracted to fall forward, and all hurriedly pulled away in horror. Blocked Yuecheng Takeshi and Ji Wuhua for a moment, and with wonderful martial arts, frightened Yang Zhi and Wu Song. This girl in a military uniform, a pair of daggers into fireflies, full attack step ten dragon, Rao is step ten dragon also has some ability, or in an instant to kill a hurry. After several encounters, he had several wounds and was in danger. Lin Chong, who had been holding still, let out a snake-shaped spear from his sleeve with a long roar. In this narrow room, he used the powerful and matchless spear method. Although the space was cramped, Lin Chong was able to put the spear in a myriad of places. He hit it eighteen times in a row between his fingers and enveloped the whole body of a girl in military uniform. At this moment. The mysterious girl suddenly grinned and shouted, "Brother Lin Chong, don't you really recognize your little sister?" The voice did not fall, the girl's speed suddenly increased three times, martial arts than before I do not know how much heavy,x70 line pipe, obviously just now she and people fight, has been hiding the ability. At this moment, he faced the real target to kill. I just used all my skills. Yuecheng Takeshi watched helplessly as Lin Chong's spear became full of flaws under the girl's delicate hands. Snatching her into the shadow of the gun, she lightly printed a palm on Lin Chong's chest, and then, in the counterattack of Takeshi Yuecheng and Ji Wuhua, she retreated lightly, giggling and laughing, and went through the house. Although just that palm looks soft and weak, but the people inside are martial arts experts,x70 line pipe, it can be seen that the palm at least patted Lin Chong's 90% vitality, Wu Song and Yang Zhi shouted, both hands held Lin Chong, Yuecheng Takeshi and Ji Wuhua followed behind the female assassin, chased out. Only step ten dragon face pale, also did not know what to think of, a moment of face changed six or seven times, the body trembled slightly. Zhang Xutuo and Pound, who had never started, seemed to be shocked by something, and their faces became very ugly. They looked at each other, and their eyes were full of horror. Chengwu and Ji Wuhua together to chase out, head-on hit a pair of shoulder armor, two people body method a shake, each to avoid, and then crackle, was in front of the escape of the girl, the military uniform on the body are unloaded, head also did not look back to throw out, x56 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, although failed to hurt two people, but also hindered the city of Takeshi and Ji Wuhua's pursuit. In a moment, the girl took off all her armor, leaving only a layer of white gauze on her body, and even kicked off a pair of boots and books. She stepped barefoot in the void three feet below the ground, and her posture was as fast as a ghost. Ji Wuhua's ambition suddenly came up, and she didn't use a magic weapon, so she clapped her hands in the air. It turned out to be the authentic King Kong Prajna palm of Shaolin. The girl's silvery laughter echoed. With a backhand circle, a whirlpool of energy was born, and it sucked Ji Wuhua's palm away. This is not similar to the North Ming Shen Gong, attracting stars and other kinds of Qimen internal skills, but purely by the ingenuity of the technique, cracked this move of Ji Wuhua. Ji Wuhua is also a stunning character, a move missed, do not want to buckle the finger even play, Nianhua finger force if there is no, so that the opponent can not be unloaded, the female assassin was surprised to cry out, shaking a long ribbon from the sleeve, facing the air 70 fold, Ji Wuhua Nianhua finger force one by one down. Yuecheng Takeshi did not go to steal the limelight of Ji Wuhua, just to show his body, want to grab the front of the female assassin, and then attack Ji Wuhua before and after, to capture the female book alive. Bu Shilong said that he had captured a group of women from the Green Dragon Society. How could he infiltrate such a female assassin and kill Lin Chong, the latest traitor? How could there be many doubts. Speaking of betrayal, Yang Zhi and Ezra Pound, Zhang Xutuo defected earlier, and just now the girl and the people full of books started, but Ezra Pound and Zhang Xutuo did not move, this matter can not be explained. ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m Qinglonghui 24, the origin of the Demon Sect Bixuan Xinfa is able to get rid of the gravity of the earth of Yashenzhou and fly away from the void by practicing above the 12th floor. It is easier for the 28-day Star Demon to fly off the ground as long as there is a Star Demon body change. But the female assassin's body is strange, not far from the ground, but the speed is extraordinary, passing several miles in an instant, incredibly fast. Yuecheng Takeshi tried his best, but could not close the distance. Finally, he could only release a hundred swords with a long roar. He released the ten sword lights that had been sacrificed and went around to the front to intercept them. No matter how fast the body is, it can't be faster than the fish intestines, Gongbu, Chixiao, Wu Gou, Ganjiang Moye, Qinghong, Taia, Qixing, Zhanlu's ten sword lights. Although the female assassin's body is magical, she was forced by Takeshi's sword light and had to slow down. A pair of delicate hands turned into two pairs of butterflies, and the ten sword lights collapsed one by one. Just like that pair of warm and fragrant hands of nephrite, it is sharper than the sword spirit refined by the spirit of hardware. As soon as Ji Wuhua's eyes tightened, she whispered, "The essence is poured in, and it is as firm as gold and iron!"! This is the martial arts of the Demon Gate, but I don't know which one it is! There are so many sects that can be crowned as Demon Gate in five thousand years. They are as numerous as the crucian carp crossing the river. In these Demon Gates with different origins and complex origins, there are so many strange skills spread. Takeshi Yuecheng didn't know these, but after he worshipped Bixuan Sect, he got more contact with these Wulin hospitality. From the mouth of Mr. Tiejing and Ji Wuhua, he also heard a lot of Wulin anecdotes. Just never thought, flying up, the composition is more and more complex,x52 line pipe, originally women are very rare, but suddenly flew up a group of famous women's books in history, including the female killer in the magic door. lksteelpipe.com