The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strategy (Serialized)

The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strategy (Serialized)The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strategy (Serialized)

Li Zun glanced at Yun Yi, was silent for a moment, then pulled out the bracelet and handed it to Yun Yi. In fact, in the heart of Li Zun, really do not feel that this is Linglong Qingxin, just a little girl's bracelet. See Li Zun also did not pay attention to oneself, sat aside, look at his expression, is thinking about things. Although I don't know much about what Lizun was thinking in his heart, Yunyi also put down the bracelet in his hand and went forward. Li Zun, what are you thinking about? Yunyi was so close that he was about to get close to Lizun's face. The hot air that came out, on the face of the glass statue, made him retreat at a loss. "It's all right." This unconscious action, but let Yunyi feel a little sad, from the point of view of this action, it is simply wood to put themselves in the eyes. Sad eyes, Li Zun did not know, but at this time, the Jing family already knew that their forbidden place had been broken into, and that something vital had disappeared. That thing is priceless, after this disappeared, immediately mobilized all the people of their Jing family, went out to look for it. Unfortunately, this vast sea of humanity, how can you find it? There were so many people who came to attend the wedding of the eldest lady of the Jing family that day,uns s32750 sheet, and all the families were here, so we couldn't have a conflict with the other nine families, could we? However, Yunyi and Lizun were careful enough to leave their breath in the forbidden place of the Jing family. When Yun Yi and Li Zun were about to leave the town, they were stopped at the gate of the city. Looking at the man who had blocked his way in front of him, Yunyi looked up at the past, his black hair tied with a white ribbon and a snow-white satin. The waist is tied with a long spike of white silk, tied with a piece of suet white jade, and covered with soft smoke and gauze. Eyebrows grow into the sideburns,316 stainless steel plate, slender and gentle eyes, beautiful nose, white skin. Jing Su? Looking at Jing Su stopped himself and others, Li Zun was a little unhappy, and when he wanted to hurt him directly, Yun Yi stopped him. Excuse me, sir, what's the matter? Yunyi doesn't like violence. Maybe it's because her magic is low. If her strength is enough to crush everything, it will naturally be a fist in the past. Jing Su looked at the two people in front of him, and from the token, these two people found the two breath in the forbidden place. Could it be. Is it that they broke into the forbidden place of the Jing family and took away the important things of the Jing family? Li Zun, who had been stopped, looked at him sharply, because at this time, Li Zun did not realize how bad it was for them to take other people's things from other people's forbidden places. Of course, we have something to do with the Jing family, and we'd like to invite you there. Jing Su is not particularly powerful now, uns c70600 ,347 stainless steel, Xiu Wei is also waiting for him to get the anti-heaven method, like sitting in a helicopter general biu up. For Yunyi and Lizun, it is still very polite, but there is a trace of pride in his tone, pride in his family. Chapter 643 The Evil Emperor Chases His Wife: BOSS, Be Good! (42)( Li Zun looked at the movement of Jing Su, then glanced at it gently, then looked down at Yun Yi, motioned with his own eyes, and nodded slightly. Cloud according to see this, also know, is a blessing is not a disaster, is a disaster can not escape! Jing Su also did not know whether he was frightened by a look in the eyes of Li Zun, but he really did not tie up Li Zun and Yun Yi. In seeing Jing Su this cold temperament, but still so naive, has not grown up, it seems. The system is not so bad this time. Arrived at the Jing home, Li Zun two people were left on the hall of the Jing home, see Jing Su has gone in to pass, Li Zun so directly sat on the stool. He also reached out and called for two cups of tea, with an indifferent look, as if someone had really invited him to be a guest, not to catch him. Li Zun did not worry, Yun Yi naturally did not worry, sitting on the stool, looking around, well, this is the legendary Jing family of the top ten families in the mainland. But now it seems that it's just so-so. Are you the two of you who broke into the forbidden place of our Jing family? Head of the Jing family, come out of the inner hall. Looked at the eyes of two so arrogant people, almost not by their own grandson to die of anger, these two people, unexpectedly did not tie up, first hang a beating! The head of the Jing family may be mad. If someone really has the ability to enter your forbidden place, how can he be hanged so easily? "Who are you?" A light words, not only in contempt of the patriarch's anger, but also in contempt of their Jing family. Looking at Lizun, the head of the Jing family almost hit Lizun with a stick in his hand. Ha ha, young man, is very bold, dare to take away our things in our family's forbidden place, if you return now, we can also ignore your behavior. The head of the Jing family suddenly suppressed his anger and showed a kind smile on his face. That thing is very important to their family. It was left to them by their ancestors. For so many years, no one could make it recognize the Lord, so it had to be put there. However, no one can use, with others to steal, that is two different things, this point, the head of the Jing family is in any case can not accept! "Oh?"? What if I don't return it? Li Zun's frivolous eyebrows made him feel that what the person in front of him said was nonsense. Since he had already taken it, how could he. Will it be sent back? The patriarch of the Jing family did not expect that this man would be so bold and so boastful in front of him. Heh. In that case, don't blame me for being rude! How could the head of the Jing family be in such a mood to talk to Lizun about this and that. In the heart of the head of the Jing family, this Li Zun, at most, is not just a thief,uns s32760 plate, not much identity background. If you kill him today, you are also famous, and no one can say anything to yourself or blame anything.