The CEOs Princess in DistressThe CEOs Princess in DistressThe CEOs Princess in DistressThe CEOs Princess in Distress

At this time the night morning just reacts to come over, just now he is to follow Chu Hong to come in, can let Rui's private secretary send Easy to the hospital, that two of their relationship? Night morning dare not think, just stare straight at Luo Ke. Rocco saw the night morning eyes slightly desperate eyes, Rocco's heart is also very uncomfortable, she did not want to hurt him, not to mention that she and Nangong Rui is really nothing, that night is just a mistake, she now as long as a good staff, such as pay off the money, save enough tuition, she will leave here. But why do I always think of that scene in the morning, Nangong Rui so gentle eyes, so gentle movements, and he also closely guarded her all night, do not want to do not want to, now first with the night morning to say clearly. Chen, I didn't mean to avoid you. I was just too busy at work, so I didn't go to the bar. I'm sorry, and I didn't know you were looking for me all the time. Rocco looked at the night morning with a slight sense of guilt, the man who had sheltered her from the wind and rain, who had reached out to save her in her most difficult time, how could she afford to return his feelings? You are now. Night morning looked at Chu Hong, then looked at Zhang Ma, as if to say, you are not with Nangong Rui together. Luo Ke didn't want to let the night morning have a misunderstanding, nor did he want to let the brotherhood between them have a gap, so he told the night morning one by one about the ins and outs of his work in Nangong Group and the ins and outs of owing a foreign debt to Nangong's house as a maid. So that's it. Rui is too stingy. It's only tens of thousands of yuan. I'll help you pay back the money. You don't have to go to Rui's house to work in the future. I'll find you a house. You can go to work. Your work is already so busy. Rocco looked at the night morning, this will always help her consider, help her arrange the man, the bottom of my heart filled with a sour, she can not delay others, she must make it clear to the night morning, she can not like him, she has always regarded him as a brother to admire, love,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, but is less of the love between men and women. Chen, I have to pay back the money myself. I don't want to rely on others for everything. I think I can do it well myself. Do you understand? "Well, you can do whatever you want, but you promise me that no matter what, you can't disappear, okay?" So affectionate eyes, so hot emotions, Rocco really can not stand a little. Morning, in fact, I have always put you. The most crucial words have not been said, the door was suddenly pushed open, the original is Nangong Rui, he saw the night morning holding Rocco's shoulders, affectionately looking at Rocco's scene, his face has appeared angry, hands tightly clenched into fists, veins burst out. Originally Nangong Rui finished the meeting, knowing that Luo Ke was still in the hospital, Vending Machine Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, he came quickly. When he arrived at the door of the lounge, he saw Chu Hong and Zhang Ma standing at the door. He thought the doctor was seeing Luo Ke, but he didn't expect Chu Hong to say that Ye Chen was inside. When he thought of Ye Chen's love for Luo Ke, Nangong Rui's heart was blocked. So he pushed the door hard and went in. Before Rocco had finished speaking, he stood there abruptly, staring straight at the door. At this time, the night morning also found something wrong. When he looked at the door, it was Nangong Rui who came. The night morning stood up happily, "Rui, I didn't expect that the Easy I had been looking for for so long was your little assistant." Night morning is very excited, Nangong Rui is very angry. Night morning to see Nangong Rui's face is not very good, although he can vaguely feel something, but he is not so easy to say give up, as long as Luo Ke one day not with others, he will have a chance, is not it? And Nangong Rui just stared at Rocco, as if to see something from her face, but Rocco was still in shock, did not react for a moment, this short half a day, should happen, should not happen, as if all happened, how can she bear so much. By this time, Nangong Rui had changed into his usual indifferent expression. "Her injury was caused by me. I just came to see her. I didn't think she was the Easy you were looking for. Congratulations, but now she still has to work in my house. Come and see her when you are free.". "Pretend not to know Easy this person, Nangong Rui just don't want to show his feelings for Rocco, he doesn't want to hurt the night morning so many years of brotherly feelings, women, there are many in this world, since it is doomed to be so, then now bury this should not be the feelings of it.". Nangong Rui took another look at Rocco, who must have known that he was the man of that night, didn't he? Otherwise, she did not have to dress herself deliberately to avoid him, in that case, that's all. The three men stood or sat like this, each with his own thoughts. President, the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with Miss Xia's head and that she could rest for a few days. Chu Hong just got the results of the report from the doctor. I'm going back to the company. You can send Miss Xia back. With that, Nangong Rui walked away without looking back. Easy, it's all right. I'll go to Rui's house to see you later. My mother is still doing the examination. I have to go and have a look first. Night morning patted Rocco's hand, looked at Rocco very gently, and then went out of the door of the lounge. Perhaps frightened by Nangong Rui's cold attitude just now, perhaps stunned by the gentleness of the night and morning, Luo Ke felt at a loss and confused, and was brought home by Chu Hong and Zhang Ma in the chaos. Chapter 27 unsolvable love. After returning from the hospital, the days returned to their former calm. Rocco at home for a week to recover from the injury, has basically recovered as before, also help Zhang Ma do some housework, but also ready to go to work in the company. This week, Nangong Rui, as before, occasionally went home for a meal, and there were not too many words with Rocco. There was less ambiguity between them, as if they had returned to the simple relationship between bosses and employees. But night morning basically every day will come to see Rocco, care about her injuries, bring her some delicious fun, accompany her to take a walk, several times Rocco want to say something,Micro Gear Motor, night morning as if to know what Rocco wants to say, each time her words abruptly blocked back, Rocco still did not have a chance to explain the relationship between them.