The president has kidney deficiency.

The president has kidney deficiency.The president has kidney deficiency.The president has kidney deficiency.

Wen Keming took the record faxed by the airline, "Your brother should have landed last night, but his cell phone has been unable to connect.". Tech tracked his location two hours ago, on a suburban mountain road. Li Chenxiang's brain was blank. "Pipi is not a bad boy. There must be a reason for his fight.". He has always been so excellent that he may not be able to accept such a thing as being expelled from the investigation group, but what is he going to do in the suburbs? It's really worrying to run around outside in such a cold day. Wen Keming held her hand in comfort and looked firmly, "I'll accompany you to find it, and nothing will happen." Qian Tezhu answered the phone with a pale face, "President, the headquarters has just received an anonymous fax, yes." About Miss Li's brother. The author has something to say: The answer in the last chapter is revealed, because my brother had an accident. I remember that a man of God guessed right, so I went to find that comment and send a red envelope. There is a prize contest in this chapter. What do you think of fighting? Where did 2 go? Choose the closest baby. After sending this chapter, I will continue to code words. Try to send out the next chapter around two o'clock. You can see it in the morning. Thanks to the nutrient solution irrigation, the competition is still going on. Some little angels irrigate me. Reader "a Flower in Sweet Potato Field", Irrigation Nutrient Solution + 202018-02-08 22:37:38 Reader "I ate this fish", irrigated nutrient solution + 52018-02-08 13:26:22 Reader "",plastic bottle making machine, irrigated nutrient solution + 202018-02-08 05:53:49 (smoked, this one became an unsung hero) Reader "Yi Yi Yi", Irrigation Nutrient Solution + 12018-02-07 07:06:57 Reader "", irrigated nutrient solution + 52018-02-06 10:46:58 (pumped, unable to judge, which unsung hero is this?) Chapter 25 Li Chenxiang's heart missed a beat and his voice trembled. "What about my brother?" "The fax said that if Miss Li did not announce her breakup with the president within 24 hours, your brother would.." Life is in danger. Li Chenxiang nodded in panic,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "I promised him that it would be no problem to break up.". But how do I announce it? When will he let my brother come back? "Li Chenxiang!" Wen Keming wanted to shake her shoulder. "Calm down. It's not as simple as it looks on the surface.". We don't even know if they have your brother right now, and don't you think it's weird? If they kidnapped your brother, why didn't they ask for money? Instead of forcing you to break up with me? "How do I know?" Li Chenxiang's tears rolled in her eyes. "The other party came either to my brother or to me.". If I hadn't been with you, Pippi wouldn't have been in such danger. "You shut up!" Wen Keming frowned and scolded her in a low voice. But when I saw her crying silently, I couldn't bear it. Then he crouched down and comforted softly: "Now is not the time to find out who is right and who is wrong. Let's confirm the safety of Pipi first, and then discuss other issues." Wen Keming hesitated for a moment and calmly directed: "Qian Tezhu, you call the police immediately.". Through Wen Shi, he exerted some pressure to urge the police to solve the case as soon as possible. Secreatary Wu, contact Pipi's school and investigate the cause of the fight. Li Chenxiang, think about it carefully. Have you offended anyone recently? "Offend people?" Li Chenxiang pinched her fingers and calculated, "probably two, Edible oil filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, one is Qiao Yuxi and the other is Shu Ziqing." Wen Keming shook his head. "Zi Qing wouldn't do such a thing. She studied law. She wouldn't be so ignorant." Li Chenxiang sneered, "that's Qiao Yuxi. Last time I made her lose face.". She threatened me and said she wanted me to look good. Then he asked someone to take pictures of me and Xiong Ling, and made it clear to me. She's so brainless that it looks like she did this. Wen Keming's sharp eyes swept over, "she threatened you?"? Why didn't you tell me about this? Li Chenxiang lowered his head with a guilty conscience. "When I knew you were on a business trip, Xiong Ling said he would send me a bodyguard, but I refused.". Think she's not so crazy, if it's really Qiao Yuxi. "Li Chenxiang!" Wen Keming really wanted to knock her head, "this kind of thing, you don't tell me, but tell Xiong Ling?"? Have you figured out who your boyfriend is? "Why are you so angry?" Li Chenxiang muttered in a low voice, "you're not real." Yeah, if it's a real relationship, how can she live in an old house with no security? If you are a real couple, you should talk about everything, right? Two people by this unintentional complaint, at the same time poked, coincidentally silent. Qian Tezhu soon came back to report, "The police have contacted Ms. Lin and the school to investigate in the past, and the fax was sent to the police station by colleagues on the ground.". Director Zhou called and said that they would guarantee the safety of the hostages and let you not worry. Secreatary Wu also said: "The school said that the fight was due to a quarrel. Both of them started fighting, but they were slightly injured.". The classmate's name was Zhao Jun, who did not belong to the quota of the student investigation group, and it was the Zhao family who paid for it. Now Zhao Jun is still abroad, Li classmate accident is after landing and leaving the airport, Zhao Jun has no time to commit a crime. Li Chenxiang sneers, "even if is not this Zhao Jun, also cannot get rid of the relations with him?"? Pippi didn't tell me and my mother about his coming back. If something happened to him when he got off the plane, wouldn't it be a leak from the school? Since it's a quarrel, why should my brother be fired and the other one be safe and sound? He better hope my brother's okay, or I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. Wen Keming thought about it, "Check the background of Zhao Jun, his family, relatives and close friends, there should be a harvest." Fifteen minutes later, Secreatary Wu came to report: "Zhao Jun's cousin is Qiao Yuxi." After landing, Wen Keming and Li Chenxiang, together with the police, arrived at Qiao Yuxi's villa. Qiao Yuxi is wearing a bathrobe, playing games in the living room,PET blowing machine, see and hear Keming and Li Chenxiang aggressively rushed in, scared to shout, threatened to call the police. He didn't shut up until he saw the policeman behind them.