Lilac and LindenLilac and LindenLilac and LindenLilac and Linden

The only gain from the accident was that their little princess suddenly spoke. Her hoarseness mingled with the familiar sounds he heard when he came back from the jaws of death, and then her vocal cords slowly returned to normal, and his legs gradually recovered. But she was still not very talkative, probably accustomed to silence, and just looked around with her smart eyes. Ye Shenhui had felt a long time ago that there was another world hidden behind her big black and white eyes, which was beyond the reach of outsiders. He had always had a thirst for inquiry, a stubborn desire for her to share with him. She was extremely unhappy and even angry to bring her to the provincial capital to study. But Grandpa and Grandma are too old to take care of her as they used to. And Qingmei's dependence is too big, she is sentimentally attached to all the familiar things around her, rejecting all the sudden new things, which makes him very headache, but also makes him extremely worried about the blow that Qingmei will bear when the old man or mother leaves in the future, he is cruel to help her arrange the school in the provincial capital, and personally help her pack everything. There is no coward in the Ye family. Not long after Ye Shenhui closed his eyes, he heard a few hesitant knocks on the door. Then the door was slightly pushed open, Ye Shenhui confused eyes, saw a small head in, and then the door was pushed open a little,ultrasonic cutting machine, wearing a white nightdress of the small body followed in. What's wrong with the girl? Another nightmare? Qingmei occasionally had nightmares after remembering the accident. At that time, the tragic scene of the accident was sealed by her subconscious, but his accident became the cause and brought it back to her mind. No, it's.. Her mouth trembled and her eyes were filled with fear. Ye Shenhui calmed down and found that her whole body was trembling. He hurriedly lifted the quilt and came down. I'm bleeding, a lot of blood. He brushed the broken hair from her face. She was still trembling, her voice was sobbing,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and tears were falling. Little uncle, am I going to die? There was a lot of blood, all over the bed. Only then did Ye Shenhui discover that she had a blood stain running down her calf to her ankle. Perhaps she was too flustered. She did not wear slippers on her eyebrows, and even there were a few drops of blood on the wooden floor. He was stunned on the spot. Little uncle, am I going to die? Purr Qingmei finally couldn't help crying out. That, that- "Ye Shenhui reacts to come over is how to return a responsibility, suddenly a head becomes two big," small eyebrow, do not cry first, this, this is a girl will have. " "You're lying. I've lost a lot of blood. I'm sure I'll die. My stomach hurts. I want to find my grandmother." "That-" Ye Shenhui was so anxious that he scratched his hair. "Calm down and listen to the little uncle first. Every girl will be like this when she gets old. This is a kind of metabolism, which is to discharge bad blood and make good blood. Ye Shenhui's brain turned sharply, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, thinking about how to explain it. It also means that our girl has finally grown up and is a big girl. "Will it drain the blood?" She seemed to accept what he said, but she couldn't hide her panic. Unable. Usually just a few days. It will be like this for a few days every month. Ye Shenhui continued to grab his hair. But my stomach hurts, too. The little fellow had a flat mouth. Yeah, that's normal. If the blood flow is not smooth, there will be pain. The little uncle often suffers from cervical pain because of poor blood circulation. Shit! What and what? You sit down first, and the little uncle will get you some clothes to put on. Don't be cold. Then the little uncle will go down to buy something for you. You be a good boy, huh? "What to buy?" Her eyes were suffused with tears. Uncle, don't go. I'm so scared. "Be obedient, it's for you to use." Ye Shenhui carried her to his bed, wrapped her in a quilt, and hurriedly picked up the car keys and went downstairs. When she came back, the little girl was no longer nervous at the beginning. Ye Shenhui drank a cup of hot milk and watched her finish it. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed and studied the pile of things on the bed with her. He had never bought these items before and had no choice in the convenience store, so he had to pretend to be calm and take back a pack of each item according to its color. Now looking carefully at the simple pattern description on the package, I feel for the first time that women are so troublesome. It's more complicated than the blueprint, and today's event is more difficult than the board meeting. Thinking of his helplessness just now, he himself was somewhat dumbfounded, and the little girl who used to ride on his shoulders and pull him into a mess of hair finally grew up, laughing and a little relieved. After changing the sheets and putting the girl to sleep, it was already light. Estimating that his mother had probably got up, he dialed the phone and talked about it. Not surprisingly, his mother was angry and amused, and then sighed: "What's the difference between having a mother and having no mother?"? These things should be said by my mother. I didn't expect that she would be a doll so soon. Alas, her mother has not heard from her all these years. The in-laws heard that the whole family went to Shenzhen. It is estimated that the environment is also good. But what on earth is it to leave Nannan here alone? Even if she finds the right one over there, she should say hello to us. Our Ye family is not unreasonable. As he spoke, he shed tears. Adults are irresponsible and let the younger ones suffer. Ye Shenhui comforted a few words and then let his mother relax: "Mom, that, stomachache, well, how.." Drink some brown sugar water and boil it with a few slices of ginger. Painkillers should not be eaten as far as possible because they have side effects. In the blink of an eye, Nannan is so big. As a child, you are old enough to worry about your own personal problems. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I think Chen Ran's child is also good. Although she is a few years older than you, she is honest and beautiful. Didn't she say: female junior, holding gold bricks?.. Ye Shenhui took the microphone a little farther and waited for the old lady to finish nagging, "If we can settle down this year, we will be able to hold a big boy at the end of next year.". The girl is also good, like Nannan. Ye Shenhui sighed: "I know. Mom, please take a break first. Dad will get up soon." "Yes, the old man is up.". I told Nannan that I would call her in the evening. Don't ignore what I say. "I know.". I'm very attentive. Ye Shenhui did not sleep all night,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and immediately after taking a cold shower, he was full of energy. He has been used to this kind of overdraft life over the years, and five or six hours of sleep a day is enough.