Wolong gives birth to smoke and locks the rivers and lakes

Wolong gives birth to smoke and locks the rivers and lakesWolong gives birth to smoke and locks the rivers and lakes

"I don't know the name of Xiaoxitian Leiyin Temple," said Sanfeng. "I don't know the name of the heart-destroying palm, but that's what I learned. It hurts people." "Then who is your teacher?" Asked the old man in gray. "My master," said Sanfeng. "Yes," said the old man in gray! Where is he? How to call? "Why should I tell you?" Sanfeng asked. "Do you know who I am?" Asked the old man in gray. "At the worst," said Sanfeng, "is it a beggar?" "Yes," said the old man in gray, "I am the beggar. The girl can answer my question." After this conversation, Sanfeng resumed Xi Man and said, "No.." The old man in gray said coldly, "Does the girl really refuse to say?" "If you don't say it, you don't say it," said Sanfeng. The old man in gray said, "It destroys the palm of the heart to hurt people's bones and internal organs. However, there are times when it doesn't hurt people." "When?" Sanfeng asked. The old man in gray said, "As long as that person practices Xuanmen Gangqi, Buddhist Prajna Zen, and yuan Taiyi Qigong, he will not be harmed by the destruction of the palm of his heart." "What kind of Qigong have you practiced?" Sanfeng asked. "Didn't your master tell you about Hun yuan Tai Yi Qigong?" Asked the old man in gray. "I don't believe I can't be hurt," said Sanfeng. "I can prove it to you right away," said the old man in gray. He hesitated for a moment and then said, "Do you know there is a rule in this gang?" "What rules?" Sanfeng asked. "If you kill an elder of our gang,75 smart board, you'll have to pay for his life," said the old man in gray. "I've killed a lot of people," said Sanfeng. "I've never paid for it." The old man in gray nodded and said, "Unfortunately, the girl met me today.". Alas! There are only a handful of people in the martial arts world who can deal with the heart-destroying palm. Lao Jiaohua is one of them. However, Lao Jiaohua doesn't want to fight with you. "" Well, "said Sanfeng," if you don't say it,smartboards for business, you don't say it. "We just want to prove that you can't hurt me," said the old man in gray. "I don't believe it," said Sanfeng. "You can do it," said the old man in gray. "But if you can't hurt me, what are you going to do?" "" If I can't beat you, you'll beat me, "said Sanfeng. The old man in gray heaved a sigh of relief and said, "The girl is very young. She doesn't seem to know much about things, but in fact she is a clever person who is deeply scheming and invisible." Jiang Yunan felt a shock in his heart and thought to himself, "He's right. This Sanfeng girl looks like a person who is not very sensible, but she handles everything very well.". It is almost impossible to have such a thing except to pretend deliberately. "Sanfeng smiled and said," Don't you think you're praising me too much? " The old man in gray clothes smiled faintly and said, "The old man is confident and has this eyesight. The girl doesn't have to be too modest. Please do it."! Lao Jiaohua wants to learn the martial arts from the Demon Sect. Sanfeng nodded and said, "Good!"! I can accompany you, but I have to tell them a few words. How about waiting for a moment, Master? "It's all right, smartboards in classrooms ,smart board whiteboard," said the old man in gray. "If you have anything to do with the girl, just deal with it. The old beggar's patience is very good." Sanfeng looked back at Jin Changjiu and said, "Is he the leader of the Beggars' Sect?" "Yes," said Jin Changjiu. Sanfeng turned her eyes to Jiang Yunan's face and said, "If I can't beat him, what are you going to do?" Jiang Yunan said, "The girl has the best martial arts in our group. If you can't beat her, even if we want to help, I'm afraid we can't." Sanfeng smiled and said, "Do you really want to help me?" "The girl doesn't seem to trust us," said Jiang Yunan. "" Brother Jiang's words are too serious, "said Sanfeng." I believe you, so I'll discuss it with you. When he reached the front of Jiang Yunan, he suddenly turned around and pressed the five fingers of his right hand on the Mingmen point on Tian Rong's back. Tian Rong was stunned. "What are you doing, girl?" He asked. "Do you feel a force invading the Mingmen acupoint?" Sanfeng asked. "I feel it," said Tian Rong. ” "Do you also believe that if I spit out my internal force, I may break your heart?" Sanfeng asked. "Yes," said Tian Rong. "Sanfeng's expression suddenly became cold." I'm helping you, "she said." Listen to my pithy formula and adjust your breath with luck. Jiang Yunan and Jin stared blankly at Sanfeng for a long time, and for a moment, they did not know what trick she was playing. But Tian Rong closed his eyes according to the words. The three phoenixes spoke, and no one heard what she said? Jiang Yunan said in a low voice, "Lord Jintang, what is she doing?" Jin Changjiu said, "Jin has been in Jianghu for decades. She has seen a lot of strange things, but I can't say for sure. What is she doing?" Jiang Yunan gazed deeply for a moment and said, "It seems that she is teaching her own internal skills." "Even so," said Jin Changjiu, "the method of passing on merit is too overbearing, and it is not auspicious." Just as they were talking, Sanfeng took back the right palm of Tian Rong's vest and said with a smile, "Jin Changjiu, come here." Tian Rong still closed his eyes and stood, as if in samadhi. Jin Changjiu frowned and said, "What is the girl going to do?" Sanfeng smiled and said, "Beggar, if you dare to try my power, you must be 100% sure. So I don't have much chance to defeat him in this battle." "So," said Jin Changjiu, "the girl will restrain us first, and she will accompany you to die here." "That's not true," said Sanfeng. "I want to pass on a kind of skill to you. Once I die at the hands of the beggar, you have the ability to save me. Even if you don't save me, you can break through and leave." "Miss," said Jin Changjiu, "martial arts have a long history. It's hard for the old man to believe that in a short time, the girl can pass on a kind of skill to us, which strengthens our martial arts a lot." Sanfeng said coldly, "Tian Rong has already got it. What doubts do you have?" "Miss," said Jin Changjiu, "I'm so old. To tell you the truth,classroom interactive whiteboard, my tendons are old and my spirit is weak. I really can't accept the martial arts that Miss has passed on." Sanfeng smiled and said, "Jin Changjiu, are you refusing me?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com