Premeditated entanglementPremeditated entanglementPremeditated entanglement

Chen played action to answer him, she held the car door, generously sat in, conveniently tied the seat belt, and then cancelled the order on the mobile phone car company software. Come on, Director Yao, I'll give you directions. Yao Qin took his mobile phone, called out the two-dimensional code page of WeChat, and took it to Chen Wan: "Address, send me WeChat, and I'll navigate." Chen is stupefied, Yao Qin looks at her: "How, do not have WeChat?" “……” With Chen Wan and him, the head portrait is a black-and-white room with a concrete wall and some kind of metal artwork hanging on it. The car started and quickly disappeared into the dark roadside. And in the same direction, more than ten meters apart, there was another car, a black Bentley. Zhou Qinshi arrived earlier than Yao Qin. Yao Qin's car passed by his car. Zhou Qinshi saw the man in the driver's seat and watched him drive the car to Chen Wan until Chen Wan got on the car and left. Zhou Qinshi withdrew his sight and closed the window. Yao Qin, that year, Chen played in addition to he also tried to seduce the man. Some old pictures suddenly appeared in Zhou Qinshi's mind. In the picture, Chen played on the mountain road back to Yashan Villa. In front of a woman, he took Yao Qin's hand and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. At that time, he was sitting in the car that took him to and from school, and just happened to see this scene. Zhou Qinshi leaned back, closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, driving these pictures out of his mind. After a while he opened his eyes,digital interactive whiteboard, his face was hidden in the dark, and his eyes were heavy. Zhou Qinshi glanced at a dozen rude and fierce men with weapons such as steel pipes and scrap steel bars coming out of the dark corner of the street. He frowned and looked at the leader and asked, "Yang Ze, does this man look familiar?" Yang Ze also has been looking at that direction, he took the mobile phone to pull out a video, is to play Chen as the protagonist of the video. General Manager Zhou, this man is the one who molested Miss Chen in the bar. He is the son of Chen Dong of Kechuang Manufacturing Group. Now it seems that he is looking for an opportunity to retaliate against Miss Chen. Zhou Qinshi frowned and touched his chair lightly. It took him a long time to open his mouth. "If the debtor has an accident, the creditor will not be able to collect the debt. You send someone to watch them these days. Before they start, find the right opportunity to call Chen Dong to see his good son." "I understand,65 inch smart board, General Manager Zhou." "Go." "But General Manager Zhou, Master Su." Yang Ze wanted to say that Su Ningchen hadn't arrived yet, and they didn't come to pick up Master Su on the way? As soon as he finished, a man appeared in front of him. It was Su Ningchen. When Su Ningchen came out of the bar and walked to the side of the road, he saw a familiar black limousine. He was uncontrollably surprised. He walked quickly to the front of the car, knocked on the back seat window, and said, "Oh, General Manager Zhou, is that you?" When the car window was pressed, Su Ningchen almost knocked empty. He pretended to be surprised: "Wow, General Manager Zhou, who is in charge of everything, really came to pick me up. Xiaosheng is really flattered.." Before he had finished speaking, the man in the back seat was a little impatient. "Don't you want to get on?" "Hey, go up, go up, smart board for conference room ,interactive flat panel display, why don't you go up? It's not easy for you, General Manager Zhou, to pick it up. It's more difficult to sit than the imperial driver. Ha ha.." Su Ningchen said that he was ready to open the car door, but he suddenly thought of something and smiled maliciously: "Hey, when I said Zhou Qin, the wind seems to be blowing a little strange today. You are not a drunken man, are you?"? Hey. But Miss Chen seems to have gone. Zhou Qinshi looked at him and suddenly smiled faintly: "Yang Ze, drive." Before Su Ningchen could react, the car door had been closed by him, then started, and quickly disappeared in front of Su Ningchen. Su Ningchen:.. What the fuck Zhou Qinshi, are you still human?! Su Ningchen was alone in a mess in the wind. Just as he was about to curse a few more words, the prompt tone of his mobile phone WeChat suddenly sounded. Su Ningchen opened the WeChat interface. When he saw Zhou Qin's gray and clean head portrait, a red number 2 appeared. He opened the message page and received a red envelope of 250 yuan and a sentence: "Taxi fare." Su Ningchen scolded again, "***!"! Is General Manager Zhou so stingy? He was wondering whether to curse Zhou to lose his children and grandchildren. Recently, his old man froze all his card accounts and said hello to his friends in order to let him go back to take care of the family business. He must not lend him money openly or secretly. Su Ningchen squandered a period of time, the body of the savings are almost spent, there are two Ferraris can let him continue to play for a period of time, the result was cheated by his traitor brother a few days ago, he is also ready to go back to surrender, but the last few days, or to enjoy life. He was very interested in what he had seen that day these days, and recently he had been around Chen Wan, but he found a problem. The young lady seemed to dislike his brother very much, which was really very strange. As far as he had observed all the year round, not many women could resist the charm of Zhou Qinshi's gentle scum, not to mention hating him, which made him even more curious about whether Zhou Qinshi had done something heinous to others? If so, it would be even more interesting. And today, he also wants to make a phone call to his brother crying poor, jokingly let him come to pick him up, because he spent the money clean today, even the taxi money is not, this is not hopeful, the result did not expect him to come, it is reasonable to say that he should be moved, but now look at this situation, this fellow is not to pick him up at all. Chen Wan opened the window, put his elbow on it, and went out to feel the cool breeze brought by the speed. Two people have not spoken, Chen play lying on the car window, also do not have the mind to speak, six years, they are not familiar with each other now, and this polite send once should not have any intersection, unless she returns to her Miss Chen's position. Do you get off work so late every day? Yao Qin asked suddenly as he drove. Chen Wan did not respond for a while, waiting for her reaction to come over: "No, usually 11 o'clock, today is just my own delay for a while, so late." Yao Qin listens to her indifferent appearance, he turns the head to look at her, also wants to say anything, but suddenly came the telephone call, he lightly touches the ear to pick up. Chen Wan listened to him on the phone, her voice was gentle,smart interactive whiteboard, she turned to look at him, and saw that he looked relaxed, as if he was still smiling.