President, Im addicted to kissing youPresident, Im addicted to kissing you

"Xuan, the company's affairs, you go to deal with, the European side of the business to send a business trip to inspect, I will not attend the meeting in the afternoon, give me the records, these documents I have signed, the outflow of funds is good, come in the accounts to the accountant to do carefully, next month let them check, there is a good royal court to greet Seth.." "President Qin, even if you give me the imperial industry, I have no opinion!" Wang Xuan leaned back in pain and roared, so much work, do you want to crush him? From the very beginning, he knew that Qin Zimo was a treacherous court official and a president. He looked like nothing happened all day long. The people below were carrying heavy burdens all day long. It was really unfair. This man had a wife, children, money, and everything. He was jealous to death. As soon as Yurou heard Seth's name, her eyes immediately brightened, she looked up at Qin Zimo and was about to speak, but she was pulled by Qin Zimo and rushed out of the president's office, leaving a plaintive Wang Xuan howling. Happy time always passes quickly,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, but troubles come one after another. Since the announcement of the marriage news of President Qin, the gate of Diye Group was full of reporters from the major media for 24 hours the day before. People who caught in and out were desperately interviewing, hoping to get the news about President Qin. If Qin Zimo hadn't protected Yurou beforehand, I'm afraid Yurou couldn't move an inch. Later, it gradually developed to the point that no matter the company, outside the villa area of Yangmingshan, or even the Royal Court Hotel, all the enterprises related to Qin's family were filled with reporters. Television,65 inch touch screen, magazines, and Qin Zimo's handsome and imposing covers were flying everywhere, while none of the media knew about the future wife of Qin's president. Occasionally, she was lucky enough to take pictures of a soft figure. As a result, the media have speculated that the other party is either a dignitary, or the daughter of a rich and powerful family, or a star in the film and television industry, and even some magazines have taken out women similar to Yurou's back to compare one by one, and all people are speculating about who the other party is! And natural! Naturally! Qin Zimo's previous tidbits have also been re-released from the stage, and even the gossip news in the old magazines has been re-posted. Some entertainment stations have even made Qin Zimo into a special issue, which specializes in reporting the things that President Qin has been playing in the flowers over the years. It made Qin Zi Mojun's face cold and his whole body murderous. If it was before, he would just laugh it off, but now, Yu Rou is idle at home, looking for his news every day, after buying the magazine, smart board touch screen ,interactive digital whiteboard, cut out all his news, the newspaper is the same, the news is recorded, all saved in a box. I was quite excited to see her on the first day. The next day, her face was a little ugly. On the third day, I watched the news with a cold face. On the fourth day, it was basically a remote control. On the fifth day, I hardly talked to him. Day 6.. Qin Zimo slept in the guest room. If Qin Zimo wants to climb up the bed of Yu Rou, Yu Rou Tie will spit out the name of an actress, scaring Qin Zimo into the room where Yang Yang sleeps. Today! Qin Zimo looked at the weather with some dark clouds, rubbed his temples with a headache, picked up the phone and wanted to tell Yurou that he was going home, but he didn't dare to fight. His handsome face wrinkled for a long time. Today's news was even more unacceptable. It was taken by a hotel camera. He and a certain actress danced close to their chest. Alas. With a sigh, he finally summoned up his courage and took out the phone and dialed his home phone. Hello "Wife.." I want to go home Qin Zimo's voice still has an intoxicating magnetism, the language soft picks up the telephone in the heart on the anger straight, said coldly. "I'm not your wife. I dialed the wrong number!" "Pow.." The phone was hung up heavily, and then dialed the past, the other party did not respond, Qin Zimo knew that this woman must have dialed the phone line, and now she must be sitting on the small sofa on the balcony sulking, had warned the major media before the news of the walk, only allowed to talk about the wedding, not allowed to say anything else, but I don't know why, an underground magazine suddenly came out. All the old news of Qin Zimo was dug out, and the major media followed suit, thus creating an uncontrollable situation today. But Qin Zimo will not know that all this is caused by a person whose wound is recovering! When he knew that Qin Zimo was going to marry Yu Rou, his mood was on the verge of losing control. Liang Xing didn't sleep all night and smashed the furniture in the villa in a mess. Finally, he decided to destroy the marriage just like Xiao Tianming and Yu Rou. Qin Zimo irritably threw the phone under the car, just wanted to start the car, the phone rang again, explosively pressed the headset, and shouted coldly. What's the matter? "Oh!" Seth's mellow, charming male voice came from the other end. Seth smiled, played with the red wine in his hand, and said softly, "How does it feel?" "Damn it, you're paid to do things. Why don't you suppress these media?" Qin Zimo roared at the phone, which made Seth a little surprised and puzzled. Mo, is that woman really so important to you? [204] It's not easy for the rich to do it. Qin Zimo frowned slightly, started the car and ran toward the Changeable Villa. He opened his thin lips lightly and asked coldly. Have you ever loved a woman? The red wine in Osyth's hand stagnated, stopped at his lips and rippled slightly, his tall figure stiffened because of Qin Zimo's question, his handsome face was full of sarcasm, he turned around smartly and put the red wine on the bar, but his mind floated over the pet's hysterical resistance and curses to himself, and his heart was cold at the same time, but because of the pet's murmur under his body. Said with a sneer after half a ring. Women don't need love! Qin Zimo raised his eyebrows, listening to Seth's tone, he could feel that there must have been some misunderstanding or something between Seth and the girl named Ruoshi. He thought, fortunately,touch screen board classroom, he did not tell him the whereabouts of Ruoshi, otherwise he did not know what the consequences would be. The little white rabbit in his family could not be coaxed now, and he was too lazy to take care of other people's affairs.