Quick wear always saves the wrong person [GL]

Quick wear always saves the wrong person [GL]Quick wear always saves the wrong person [GL]

When Chen Yanling said this, his face was expressionless, and his deep black eyes made Wei Lin's heart tremble. Chen Yanling always made him feel a kind of unspeakable pressure when he talked to him, and if he had the slightest intention of concealing it, he would be frightened. Ah, they broke the lock and broke in. "Where are my wolves and foxes?" "The two of them..". The little guy hid in the mountains. 。” "Well, don't talk to Waner about it for the time being, so that she can rest assured of her illness." Chen Yanling nodded to show that he knew, patted Wei Lin on the shoulder, and turned to enter the room. Wei Lin was stunned for a long time after Chen Yanling patted him on the shoulder. Chen Yanling seemed to clap twice lightly, but the force that fell on his shoulder was very heavy. In fact, he could have stopped the Bai family, but he felt that even if the Bai family had made mistakes first, after all, it was Bai Wan's mother's family, the two elders of the Bai family were Bai Wan's biological parents, the children and parents did not have overnight enmity, Bai Wan was a widow with many rights and wrongs, and it was also right for the White family to avoid her before. But Chen Yanling patted him this time, let him behind the cold sweat straight, began to regret letting the white family go in. Chapter 164 Back in front of Bai Wan's bed, Chen Yanling did not mention anything about the Bai family. Zhou Shi saw that her face was not different, but she did not mention anything about the conversation with Wei Lin just now. Obviously, she did not want Bai Wan to know that the Bai family had come to the door. Zhou Shi is a thing, Chen Yanling and their family relationship is so good,interactive whiteboard for schools, and her ability to observe words and expressions has a lot to do with, she can see that Chen Yanling values Wei Yi very much, but not the value of love between men and women, more like deliberately guarding. This makes Zhou Shi can not help but think of Wei Yi's origin, Wei Yi is not her own, she and Wei Lin know, and Wei Yi just arrived at their home, still in swaddling clothes, but the clothes they wear are not qualified to see the material in this life. Looking at Chen Yanling occasionally looking at his eyes,interactive panels for education, Zhou Shi sighed silently in his heart, it seems that Chen Yanling is dissatisfied with their family, want to know, put the white family in, Chen Yanling must be dissatisfied, but Wei Lin as the head of the family, she can not persuade. Bai Wan's illness will be recuperated for another ten days. After Chen Yanling sent the Wei family away, he went to buy some medicine by the way. The clerk in the pharmacy packed the medicine for her, took the silver from her, and she turned to go. A man in a blue brocade robe came in from the door, his face like a crown jade, his eyebrows and eyes vaguely familiar, but Chen Yanling could not remember who he looked like. The man, as tall as Chen Yanling, saw Chen Yanling at a glance, frowned, and looked at Chen Yanling. Chen Yanling walked out of the pharmacy quietly, and she noticed that after she walked out of the pharmacy, smart boards for conference rooms ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, the man was still looking at her, and even followed her out. She took a few detours to shake off the man and then took a shortcut back to the hospital. Now Bai Wan is still sick, Chen Yanling does not want to make much trouble, she can see clearly that the boots that the man wears are not the boots that ordinary people wear, they are the official boots that people with official positions wear, and the expensive boots in the palace that Zhao Yu met last year are different in style and material. This person's bearing is extraordinary, although the dress deliberately creates a pair of noble childe's appearance, but the whole body temperament is not like the ordinary playboy. Chen Yanling even felt that this man was a senior official from ten thousand cities, because there was no such young official in the town of Heather. Most of the officials in the town of Heather were forty or fifty years old, and those who could be such a young official were all dignitaries at home. Such a family was either in a big city such as Weizhou City, or in ten thousand cities. How could it appear in such a small place as Heather town. The man followed Chen Yanling two streets, only to see the man walk farther and farther, a corner disappeared, he frowned, this man means unusual, so easy to get rid of himself, and this man gave him a very strange feeling, can not say strange. The man returned to the pharmacy and asked the clerk about the identity of Chen Yanling. The waiter shook his head and said, "The young man just now doesn't seem to be from Shinan Town. He only appeared in Shinan Town during this period of time. I don't know what his identity is, but it seems that his surname is Chen. I heard another waiter call him Mr. Chen." The man chews the surname of "Chen". There are too many people surnamed Chen. Chen is a big surname. Many people are surnamed Chen, especially in Weizhou. There are many people surnamed Chen. On the other side, Chen Yanling, who had returned to the hospital, decocted the medicine and sent it to Bai Wan's bedside. Bai Wan has been able to get up, she leaned on the head of the bed, waiting for Chen Yanling to feed her to drink medicine, in fact, she has the strength to drink medicine, but Chen Yanling thought she still had no strength, she did not explain, just want Chen Yanling to feed her. Chen Yanling's face was as usual. After feeding Bai Wan the medicine, she took out a bag of delicate cakes for her. The cake is soft, glutinous and sweet, with just the right sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, with a light sweet taste, melting in a sip, and the sweet taste diffuses in the mouth. Bai Wan could not speak. She looked at Chen Yanling. The cake in her mouth was not sweet. She pulled Chen Yanling's sleeve and gestured: "You are not happy." Chen Yanling was stunned for a moment, she admitted that the facial expression management is in place, so many worlds, camouflage is easy for her, Bai Wan's mind is too delicate. No matter which news in recent days, speaking out is not conducive to Bai Wan's recuperation, Chen Yanling consciously for the sake of Bai Wan, or do not tell her too much trouble. Don't worry Bai Wan frowned, silently let go of the hand pulling Chen Yanling's sleeve, the cake also did not eat, hands around the chest, leaning on the head of the bed, expression. As soon as Chen Yanling looked at Bai Wan like this, he was losing his temper with her? The heart is not irritable, but more than a trace of funny, rare Bai Wan so tolerant temperament, and she can have a day of temper. It is not impossible for Bai Wan to know, after all, it is not advisable to conceal the truth in the name of who is good. Chen Yanling had planned to wait for Bai Wan to get better before mentioning Bai's family,electronic board for classroom, but she told her in advance that it was not impossible. Come on, don't be angry. I'll tell you. Chen Yanling took Bai Wan's hand and kneaded it gently. "Your family was found fault by Master Liu after we got married and broke into our house to hide." When Bai Wan heard this, her face suddenly became ugly and her hands froze. She looked at Chen Yanling and her eyes were full of panic. hsdsmartboard.com