Liaodong Anecdotes: Paper Man Cutting Head _ Ye Dun

"Do you have to ask?" From the back of the car came Lao Cui's repeated complaints, "Don't talk nonsense!"

"Do you have to ask?" From the back of the car came Lao Cui's repeated complaints, "Don't talk nonsense!"! "I see some lights ahead. If you try harder, we'll probably get through it!" Hearing Lao Cui's murmur, I suddenly increased my horsepower, and the truck climbed a gentle slope in the "buzzing" sound, then went down, and the town mouth was displayed in front of me as I spoke. In this way, five of us came to Kuiling, Yuejin Hotel, a place worthy of our lifelong memory and changing our fate for the rest of our lives. The Yuejin Hotel faces south, with an open door and two walls of Zhang and two high bricks to the top. It uses the serious "dog grinding teeth" masonry method in Liaodong in the early years. At a glance, we know that it used to be the old house of a big family. Several old elm trees in the house are luxuriant, and their vigorous branches stretch out of the wall to support the surroundings. The scattered elm money is scattered in the mud, and the faint licking fog is on the top, which makes them look pale. The tile gate tower in the center has long been dilapidated after years of wind and frost corrosion, the black lacquer gate has been mottled, and even the lion's head knocker is only one, hanging alone in the wind and rain. Only the five big red characters painted on the door, "People's Commune is good", were full of vitality under the rain. Li Tong stepped forward and knocked on the knocker. After a long time, the black door creaked and cracked. As a dim sesame oil lamp came out,stainless steel 304 pipes, a guy in a birch coir raincoat poked his head out. He looked around shiftily, looking very alert. When he learned that we were guests who had come to stay in the hotel, he let us in happily. The man claimed to be the clerk of the Yuejin Hotel, and his name was Pi Wu. Led by Pi Wuyi with a limp, we walked around and around for a while to the inner room. At that time, shopkeeper Xie of the hotel had just got up from the Kang. There was a little anger on his sleepy cheeks. Before we could speak, he yawned and complained: "What are you doing in the middle of the night?"? This is our new Communist society,Precision steel tubes, otherwise I really thought it was bandits smashing kilns! Li Tong quickly handed the certificates of the three of them to shopkeeper Xie, saying that he wanted five rooms. Lao Cui and I also took out our work cards and put them on the table. Shopkeeper Xie slowly registered and kept looking at us. Finally, he stopped his eyes on Mr. Wu and froze. Mr. Wu nodded and said with a smile, "Is there anything wrong?" Shopkeeper Xie's face was full of flowers: "Nothing!"! It's nothing! It's your woolen clothes that are really exciting! Lao Xie, I have a dream in my life, that is, to wear a whole set of serious woolen Zhongshan suit! Then he stretched out his palm and touched Mr. Wu's shoulders with envy on his face, muttering, "It's really exciting!"! It's exciting! -Eh? Shopkeeper Xie suddenly gave a cry of surprise. He pointed his finger at Mr. Wu's lower jaw. The color of panic immediately spread across his whole cheek. He said, "This mark, how can you.." Why do you have it?! Mr. Wu looked at me doubtfully and then turned to shopkeeper Xie and said, "Probably.." If it's a rash or a mosquito bite, it's not a big deal. However From what you mean, it seems that you have seen such marks on anyone before. There was no more sleepiness on shopkeeper Xie's face. He twisted his eyebrows and said, "I've seen more than that!"! This thing is called a ghoul, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and it's bad luck! Bad luck! "Why is it called such a strange name?" Li Tong hurriedly interjected, "Shopkeeper Xie, don't be sensational and talk nonsense!" "I'm talking nonsense?!" Xie shopkeeper snorted, "more than ten years ago, Lao Xie, I saw it with my own eyes. I lied to you that it was all raised by shriveled calves!"! At that time At that time, the lame leather five had not yet come to this hotel to carry the work. My former waiter's name was Chen Guang, and his shoulder head was poked with the same mark! Xie shopkeeper said the voice gradually low, the tone filled with uncontrollable trembling, "this mark appeared in the first two days is nothing, is bloodless, like smoking a big smoke bubble.". But Soon Chen Guang was bedridden, and somehow his belly was getting thinner and thinner, shiny, and the intestines inside could be seen clearly, as well as some horsetail thread-like insects crawling around! And then.. Later, the insects became fatter and fatter, like earthworms, running amok in their bellies. At that time, Chen Guang was as thin as a hemp stalk, and it was hard for him to breathe. By the time the insects became as long as snakes, Chen Guang's stomach had been cleaned out, and his chest was close to his back! Almost half a month, a lively man disappeared under my eyes, really miserable ah. When Mr. Wu heard this, he didn't think much of it. "Then what happened?" He asked with a smile? What else happened? "Thank the shopkeeper, but it doesn't matter." "Then.." Shopkeeper Xie swallowed two mouthfuls of saliva. "Later, the day after Chen Guang died, a barefoot doctor happened to pass by Kuiling. After examining the corpse, he told me that the mark was called a ghoul.". He also said that it was recorded in medical books that there were thirty-three ways to die, and it could be changed to ninety-nine ways. It was only when it was stained with extremely heavy corpse poison that it would be stamped with a mark. Those who saw it were exterminated. The only way to break the robbery was to take the liver of the otter. After listening to the barefoot herbalist's words, I was so scared that I went to the hunter's house in the town. You should know that the otters in Liaodong are extremely rare, and the otter liver is even more strange. There is a leaf every month, and there is a leaf in the middle, while the liver of other beasts is a fixed number of leaves. So, I spent a lot of money to buy two pieces of otter liver, which is as painful as cutting two pieces of meat from my body. Later, I and Chen Guang's mother Chen Po took the otter liver, and finally did not encounter any changes. "Mrs. Chen can testify for me in this matter-well, she is Mrs. Chen." Www. Xiao shuotXt, coMt, Xt, small, say heaven, ", don." Chapter 4 Blood Paper Man. I turned around in the direction of shopkeeper Xie,Cold Drawn Tubes, but I saw an old woman with gray hair standing quietly in the doorway. Her wrinkled cheeks were like knives and axes, and she was staring at us with a bent body. She said, "It's all about old sesame seeds and rotten millet. Why mention it?". It's late at night. I'll take you to rest. 。