A great pressure fell on the holy prince, Ye Fan and others, trying to make them kneel down in public and make

A great pressure fell on the holy prince, Ye Fan and others, trying to make them kneel down in public and make a fool of themselves in front of all the clans. This is the power of the saints, heavy and boundless, like a star field falling. Never thought, I was involved in a dispute, but I am here, you will not be allowed to humiliate the prince! The ancestral king, dressed in a golden armor, shouted. Boom! He hit the sky with a snap of his fingers, and five green marks crossed like blue dragons, sweeping away all the holy power and blocking the pressure of the ancestral king in the sky. Thank you for your help. The holy prince gave a big gift to express his gratitude. There is no need for this. When the emperor came to ancient times and swept across the nine days, my generation all admired him. How could he ignore his children when they were in trouble. Besides, even if I don't do it, someone will take care of it. Obviously, although Dou Zhan Sheng Huang has been seated, he also has a group of loyal followers, but he does not manifest on weekdays. Do you know that you have embarked on a road of no return with us as enemies? It doesn't matter who comes this time! The sky trembled, a total of five terrible nose shadow came, all shrouded in the ring of God, the first to appear, the collapse of all things, the great wilderness in the vitality is not obvious. Each of them is submerged by the holy light, the figure is hazy,die cast light housing, each is as powerful as a God, the whole world seems to be unable to accommodate their true body, the void is constantly distorted. This is the Archaic Ancestor King, who has been a saint for many years and does not manifest on weekdays. Once he appears, the breath of light will make people convulse and kneel on the ground. If you don't reach this level, you will never know how terrible they are. Looking down at all living beings is like facing ants. After all, there was only one person in the Bijin armor, who could not compete with him. He shook his body and almost vomited blood backwards. Suddenly,alloy die casting, another great power appeared, blocking the five ancestral kings in an instant, and then an auspicious cloud fell, and several old Taoists came. Who should I be? The people of Shencanling have arrived. Do you really want to intervene in this matter? Several of the eight gods were indifferent to each other. Nature An old Taoist answered calmly, wearing a golden crown and an old Taoist robe. The people of Shencanling actually made a move. Why do I feel something is wrong? Is there something wrong here? Some ancient people are uncertain. Shen Silkworm Ridge, the most powerful force in the ancient clan, is feared by all clans. How many people dare to provoke? It is a great royal family in ancient times, and there have been real ancient emperors. In a sense, the status of the eight gods is also very high, the ancestors are a group of gods who have followed the immortal emperor, and they are invincible. But the immortal emperor has passed away too long ago, and the ancient imperial soldiers have never been seen, while the sacred silkworm ridge is like the sun in the sky, with the imperial armor left behind, and the world is respected. "Don't be overbearing in Shencanling. If this monkey kills the heir of God, he should pay for his life. How can you stop him?" The eight gods will say to a sage-level ancient king on this side. The great world appeared, hundreds of ships competed with each other, Magnetic Drain Plug ,Steel investment casting, and thousands of clans competed with each other. There were many corpses on the road, and it was inevitable that the descendants of the ancient princes would die. The heavenly princes were not as good as others and were killed on the spot. They could not blame others. Said an old Taoist priest in Shencanling. He was the only son of God. How could he die in vain? Don't think that you are invincible in the world! One of the eight divine generals, the ancestral king, sneered repeatedly. Even if it is the heir of the immortal emperor, how can he be killed in the first World War and have to pay for his life? Where did that come from? Said an old Taoist priest. In any case, the holy prince will die today, and no one can save him! An ancestral king roared loudly, and the holy light surged, engulfing the mountains and rivers. "What an imposing manner!" A sneer like a silver bell came, and in the sky, nine auspicious clouds floated in, and a peerless beauty appeared and landed. She looked only eighteen or nineteen years old, her skin was white and delicate, her temperament was ethereal, her long purple hair was fluttering, and she was free from vulgarity. On his shoulder, there is a palm-sized little silkworm, which has now turned into a snow-white tiger with big eyes and a charmingly naive look. "Silkworm Princess" everyone was surprised to retreat, one by one, the distant spectators were even more hairy, and the mountain owners of the ancient clans were all palpitating in their hearts. The shadow of the famous tree, this Tianjiao princess peerless elegance, always strong, has fought all over the ancient times, it is difficult to find many opponents, is a real strange woman. Princess Silkworm, do you want to oppress others with your power? One of the eight gods said in a cold voice. "Get out of here, ugly faces!" The divine silkworm princess is extremely sharp, shows no mercy, and denounces several ancestral kings. With this shout, the sky collapsed and the earth shook violently. Although she was a woman, her aura was so strong that people trembled, and the ancient kings on the opposite side could not help but go backwards. Princess Silkworm, do you want to cause chaos? The children of the gods must not die in vain. You can't suppress this matter! Cried another ancestral king. "It's just a useless prince. If you kill him, you'll kill him. It's nothing," said the silkworm princess coldly. You will pay the price for your insolence! An ancestral king said in a cold voice. Pow! Silkworm princess simple and direct, jade hand a wave, a big slap on the past, so that the ancestral king's face appeared a clear fingerprint, the corners of the mouth bleeding, the body flew out. Everyone was shocked, the silkworm princess came up and even the ancestral king gave a slap directly, which made people stunned, as strong as the rumor, fearless of the world. I reasoned with you, and you told me about the blood and power of the gods. I slapped you, and you said I was unreasonable. What did you want me to do? Goddess Silkworm Princess Road, voice with magnetic xxìng, with delicate jade fingers stroking the little white tiger on the shoulder of the Goddess Silkworm. Whether it is the human race, or the ancient royal families are all frightened, dare not say much, are quietly watching,car radiator cap, today's matter is certainly more than the ancient princes between the enmity so simple. Do you really think there is no one in the world to accept you? The ancestral king was so angry that he stroked the fingerprints on Mmō's face. With a sneer at the corners of her mouth, Princess Silkworm said, "Do you think the emperor's chariot is a poor slug?"? He is the heir of Emperor Dou Zhan. He is no worse than the heir of Emperor Gu. To humiliate him is to humiliate the old emperor. You should all be killed! "You will regret it. The children of God cannot die in vain. They must return blood for blood and pay the price of life!" Shouted an ancestral king. autoparts-dx.com