Stone thrower, bed crossbow, whirlwind cannon, took the lead in launching a dense rainstorm attack on the city

Stone thrower, bed crossbow, whirlwind cannon, took the lead in launching a dense rainstorm attack on the city, even standing under the solid roof, the Dragon King subconsciously retreated two steps. Some people do not give up until the Yellow River, even if you say thousands of words, do not use force to prove in person, he will never give up the delusion. The Dragon King of Suzhou is such a person, and now he finally knows that Yang Hao's novel Qi Umbrella Deleted "and Shazhou Guiyi Army, Ganzhou Hui Lian, Dangxiang Li Guangcha's behavior is completely different" Chuan Liu Those heroes just want to occupy the most convenient passage, the richest city and the most fertile grassland. Then he used powerful force to oppress the clans to submit to him, so that all the wolves, tigers and leopards would submit to his sharp teeth and claws, and become a beautiful lion king, and the "Aslan Khan" of the desert grassland would be satisfied. And Yang Hao, Yang Hao is the Han people, respected is the governance of the Han people, he wants is all over the world, is not the king's land, rate the shore of the land, is not the king's minister. What he wants is to turn the whole prairie into his territory, and all the people on the prairie are directly under his rule; what he wants is that there are no two days in heaven and no two masters in man. War drums roared,turmeric extract powder, horns roared, and now there was no need for him to decide anything. Yang Hao had made a decision. The Dragon King looked back in panic. The spire of the pagoda in the Dragon King's Palace was still golden in the sunshine, but the Dragon King knew in his heart that it would soon no longer belong to him. On August 18, Mao Shi Yi Xuan, the east gate of Suzhou City was the first to be broken. After a stick of incense, the west gate was broken. Then the Suzhou Longjia army took the initiative to abandon the north city and the south city, and the whole city army withdrew from the inner city. At two o'clock, the smoke from the four cities of Suzhou was all owned by the Xiazhou Army. At three o'clock, Yang Hao's armed forces went all out and began to attack the inner city. At the end of the battle for the inner city,stesweet stevia, the city raised the flag. Entrusted by the Dragon King, the gods and celebrities of Suzhou went out of the inner city to beg for surrender. This time, Yang Hao no longer personally, but by Zhang Pu to receive. After the two sides decided to accept the surrender, Long Hanjiang entered Yang Hao's barracks for the third time and began to formally negotiate the surrender. At this time, Yang Hao still did not come forward, but Zhang Pu came forward to receive him and was fully responsible for the details of the surrender. The implication of this is self-evident: if the dragon family surrenders voluntarily, it is Yang Hao's guest of honor, and now the enemy is at the gate. Had to drop, it is impossible to receive that kind of preferential treatment, Yang Hao refused to come forward, then he originally promised to give Long Hanhai transshipment to make the position will also fail. The dragon family was destined to leave the power of the rich and powerful in Hexi, and his best ending was to become a rich man in the city of Xiazhou. But there is no way to end it. You have to pay as much as you want. When the city of Suzhou was still in the hands of the Dragon family. If you hand it over to Yang Hao with the army intact, the return will naturally be high, since you still have the illusion of just in case. Hope to be able to resist the attack of Xiazhou Army and keep your own territory, then you have to bear all the consequences of failure. Although the dragon family had to surrender, and how willing to be unable to get up after a fall, ghana seed extract ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, so when he surrendered to Zhang Pu, Long Hanjiang once again euphemistically put forward the meaning of sending several women of the dragon family to Yang Taiwei's concubine. Although Zhang Pu had full authority to negotiate, he dared not make decisions for Yang Hao, so he went to see Yang Hao. After hearing this, Yang Hao replied to Zhang Pu with a smile, "The dragons won't give up until they get to the Yellow River, but they won't give up until they get to the Yellow River.". Now that he is at the end of his tether and forced to surrender, does he still want to bargain with me? His only choice is to surrender the whole army as soon as possible and hand over the inner city of Suzhou. I will arrange for his family to move to Xiazhou and give him a mansion. The safety and personal property of the dragon family will be properly protected. There is no other condition for him to have no doubts. Zhang Pu said with a smile, "The Dragon family is very kind.". Why should the commander in chief refuse people thousands of miles away? In fact, it is a common thing to marry your daughter. It is said that the women presented by the Dragon Family are indeed charming and moving. Even if their beauty is mediocre, the commander in chief should not refuse them. It is impossible to decide the decision of one side's powerful forces, but at this delicate moment, this move is of great significance. "The dragon family offers beauty, for the dragon family, this is to lose its sincerity, the commander in chief accepted, this is the peace of mind, in order to win them over.". If the commander in chief refuses, the dragon family will inevitably be restless, do not know whether the commander in chief has any follow-up sanctions against their dragon family, the heart is uneasy, will be suspicious, suspicious, maybe it will be desperate. Yang Hao interrupted him and said firmly, "Now we are not negotiating with the Dragon King, but accepting the surrender. The Dragon Family must understand that they have no capital to bargain with me!" Zhang Pu had no choice but to nod and promise: "Yes, I will know what to do at the end." Yang Hao watched him walk out of the tent and shook his head with a smile. Of course he will save the dragon family, since the surrender must not be killed, but also must ensure their safety; but to this time to surrender, the sanctions against them must not be soft, how to deal with the dragon family today, Shazhou Cao family, Ganzhou night will soon know, the dragon family is their example. The combination of kindness and threat, talent and softness, this is the means. As for the beauty of the dragon family, Yang Hao does not deny their beauty, although they have not yet fully seen their appearance, but only from their posture, amorous temperament, has its own characteristics. Compared with their wives and concubines, they have a unique charm of exotic grassland beauty, if the dragon family is offering the city on their own initiative, at the same time, offering their daughters and relatives. In order to appease the dragon family and dispel their doubts, he would not refuse. Long in this age. He has become accustomed to the phenomenon of using women as a tool when the world's powerful compete with each other. The political marriage of the rich and powerful is not only common in ancient times, but also rare in modern times? He won't do such a thing. But he might as well accept it, even if he would not establish any deep feelings in the future, and he did not have much resistance to enriching his private house with these eye-pleasing beauties out of political needs. Now, however, it is not necessary, since there is no need for this, then what is the use of them? Beauty. Yang Hao has seen a lot,pumpkin seed extract, and his resistance to beauty and vision are constantly improving. He appreciates the beauty of those women. But will completely give birth to the plan to hide their golden house, not to mention. This is a warning to Longjia, Shazhou and Ganzhou.