Seeing that he was alone, Qixing Wuyu Changwen hurriedly shouted to Cangbo Sou, "The East China Sea is a surprise.

Seeing that he was alone, Qixing Wuyu Changwen hurriedly shouted to Cangbo Sou, "The East China Sea is a surprise. The Liuhe Sect was all killed. My younger martial sister was also killed on the spot. I have to admit defeat and return to the East China Sea from now on. I will never come to Sergeant again in thirty years!" Cangbo Sou was so tired that his whole body was covered with sweat. He hurriedly closed his sails and said, "Take care, sir. Please explain to Xun Xiaoxia." Yu Changwen knew very well that Xun Ji's magic skill was unfathomable, and he couldn't escape. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and take two steps closer to Xun Ji. He said with his hand, "I'm not very talented. Xiaoxia's magic skill is indeed unparalleled. The leader of the Liuhe Sect is dead, and Younger Martial Sister Yu is also dead. What else can I do for Xiaoxia?" Xun Ji returned the ceremony and said, "Ziyun Island is a school. I don't know who I learned from in my previous life.". Empty death old man has been killed by Xunmou, friends, please go back to disband the Liuhe faction, advise them to return to the good, Xunmou is not too much, never ask the ignorant blind followers! It's not hard for your friend. And don't worry! Yu Changwen bowed to the ground again and said, "Xun Xiaoxia is magnanimous and righteous. Yu Changwen obeyed his orders one by one.". Ziyun is also another branch of Kunlun. It is a unique learning of Mr. Taixuan. My teacher Ziyun's grandmother is inconvenient to walk. She is old. She will ask Xiaoxia to come to the island another day to teach her. And- Pointing to the bodies of the Ziyun Fairy and the Empty Old Man, he said, "The bodies of these two people can be buried in a place where Yumou can buy a coffin to collect them, so as to fulfill the friendship of friends." Xun Ji nodded and said, "Then ask your friends to take care of it by themselves." Anxious about Grandma Ling's injury,cosmetic plastic tube, he ordered the brothers of the Beggars' Sect to help Yu Changwen send the bodies of the two people out of the valley. Then Yu Changwen stroked the body of Ziyun Fairy and cried bitterly. Xun Ji hurriedly ordered the crowd to carry Grandma Ling back to the sacrificial shed. As soon as he pulled out the jade bottle on his body, he wanted to use Zhu Guo to give first aid, but Zhu Guo had taken it all the time to heal his wounds, but he had already wept, and Xun Ji could not help sighing. Tianmu Zhuosou and Songyou, each of whom carried a wonderful medicine for healing wounds with him, were busy pouring it down with Grandma Ling,cosmetic tube packaging, and Meiyou put his palm against Grandma's Mingmen acupoint to help cure the disease. The crowd was in a hurry for a while. With a scream, Granny Ling came to her senses, but her expression was already very decadent. With a sigh, Granny Ling called Xun Ji close to her and said in a low voice, "Xun Xiaoxia, from now on you have wiped out all the demons and shocked the martial arts world. You are better than the blue, and you are the master of light!"! The old man can't live. Die with a smile in your eyes. I hope the virtuous will not mistreat the bad disciple Xiaohan and the cold calyx girl! Xun Ji hurriedly said: "If Xun is ungrateful, it is like the sun. Please rest assured." Granny Ling blushed and spurted a few mouthfuls of blood. She slowly opened her eyes and said, "Nephew Xun Xian, I'm very happy that the old man can die in Panshiyu. Although the old man is not a disciple of Guangcheng Xuanmen, I hope you don't look outside. I hope you can bury his body near Shouqiu Rock and live next door to your teacher after his death. The old man will be happy to close his eyes!" Everyone sighed, and Xun Jixin said, "This swordswoman of Wulin is still affectionate to the hermit before she dies!"! But he was disturbed by Elder Qu Yun all his life. Keshenghao sighs! Xun Ji was awestruck and repeatedly obeyed. Granny Ling stretched out her hand again and took out a bunch of handscrolls from her bosom. She handed them to Xun Ji and said, empty lotion tubes ,empty cosmetic tubes, "This is the Mahatha Divine Skill and Mental Method. Xiao Han can only get five or six out of ten of my true Fu. You can't let me destroy it. Xiao Xia is a pedant of heaven and man. Please pass it on to Miss Han to continue the legal system of this door!" Xun Ji accepted it with pleasure and comforted her by saying, "Although Grandma's wound is serious, I'll try to treat it for you with my internal strength.." But Granny Ling shook her head and said with a wry smile: "After your teacher died at Shouqiuyan, I have lived in vain for a long time, just because the hatred of the hermit has not disappeared. Now Xiaoxia has punished many strong and boring people in Kongtong Shaolin on behalf of your teacher. It is enough for her to sleep underground and be with the hermit as soon as possible." Her voice was getting weaker, and Xunji sighed with regret. The old man with the eye of heaven looked ashamed. Xun Ji resolutely said, "Granny, I can decide to set up a niche for you on the left side of the first teacher's stone niche as a guest of Guangcheng Xuanmen to comfort the first teacher's soul in heaven.." As he spoke, he also shed tears. Suddenly a huge red shadow shot in from outside the fence. When they were surprised to see, it was the elder Qu Yun, the sage of the West. Xun Ji hurriedly greeted him with a salute and said, "The elder has come thousands of miles to the east. I only thank you on behalf of my former teacher." Elder Qu Yun burst out laughing and said, "Why don't you see Miss Rui?" As soon as he saw that Granny Ling looked wrong, he was so anxious that he went forward and asked, "What's going on?"? Who dares to hurt Huashan Yiqi? ? Guy Say it quickly. I swear I will avenge her! "Xun Ji briefly told the story of the old man who came here to fight a duel. The Demon Saint called in a low voice:" Bo, Bo, before you die, say a few more words to me! Life and death , I.. His voice was already sobbing. Grandma Ling took a breath, opened her eyes, shook her head and said, "Old Qu, before I die, you might as well be with him." Pointing to Xunji, she said, "Don't mention it. Let's end the hermit's appointment of the past year." But Elder Qu Yun said with great fear: "Bo, Bo, you are still so ruthless. Now Xun boy's skill is beyond my ability. I still know myself." He took out the three ancient coins from his bosom and returned them to Xun Ji, saying: "You must have understood the mystery of the jade picture. It's useless for me to ask for it. Since the March meeting has been cancelled, you are the leader of the Wulin Alliance!" His voice was square, and Grandma Ling muttered and swallowed her last breath. After Grandma Ling died, she still had a smile on her face. She had got her happy home. Elder Qu Yun held his head in his arms and cried bitterly. He collapsed on the chair, intoxicated. Xunji also wine tears to mourn, three friends, etc., immediately ordered the craftsman for the body of grandma Ling, smeared incense, plastic gold foil, lit incense. The next day, the ceremony of the public memorial ceremony for Zhangsun Hermit was very grand. Granny Ling's Dharma body is also settled in Shouyue Rock, beside the hermit. Elder Qu Yun, however,plastic cosmetic tubes, looked different and muttered to himself all day long. More than a month later, all the people left Wangwu Mountain one after another. Only Elder Qu Yun and Poisonous Woman had not left yet. Wulin had told Chengping that all the factions were happy to go back and carry forward their unique learning. The Beggars' Sect also held a group of cattle ears and unified the two branches in the north and south. Later, it was found that Niu yuanyi also died in the first battle of Panshiyu.