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Looked at the woman in front of the peach pink face, look fresh, a pair of brilliant eyes, no longer like just depressed

Looked at the woman in front of the peach pink face, look fresh, a pair of brilliant eyes, no longer like just depressed appearance. Han Chu Adam's apple rolled for a while, and then he couldn't help hugging people in his arms. Wen Yu is in a big hurry. This man is not finished yet. Han Chu is tightly hugged Wen Yu do not let go, Wen Yu break free, but angry to bite the past. Bite for a long time, the teeth are sour, still do not see this fellow let go. Wen Yu is also tired, but also hit, a soft body, to hug it, but also less meat. Han Chu hugged Wen Yu tightly in his arms, put his chin on Wen Yu's shoulder, stroked Wen Yu's back, and said in a deep and firm voice, "I'm sorry I didn't protect you today.". Believe me, today is the first and last time you will be wronged. Wen Yu was infected by his emotions, so today's grievance suddenly had a release point, tears can not help but flow out. Wen Yu quietly shed tears, Han Chu chest soon dizzy, this warm is very hot, hot Han Chu are a little pain. Holding Wen Yu in her arms,aluminium laminated tube, her lips gently touched Wen Yu's sideburns, and she said to herself, "Jade, I don't want you to hide like this.". I want you to stand upright in front of people and stand beside me. Wen Yu cried for a while, the mood carefree a lot, a little dizzy head also gradually sobered up, just Han Chu those words, what is the meaning? Wen Yu broke free and looked at Han Chu with washed eyes. "What did you say just now?" She asked. Han Chu looked at the beautiful clear eyes in front of him and said word by word,eye cream packing tube, "Jade, my heart is pleased with you. I want to marry you." Wen Yu was dull in an instant, and the jump was too fast. 40, Chapter 40.. Wen Yu was a little silly by Han Chu's sudden words. They were talking seriously at first. Wait a minute. I called him here to talk about something serious. However, Han Chu suddenly came to such a sentence. Of course, his words were not serious, but they seemed to have nothing to do with the important matter they were going to discuss? This is going too far. Wen Yu looked at Han Chu foolishly for a long time before he came to his senses. Han Chu, who was looking at her with fixed eyes, saw that Han Chu's eyes were deep as if they were going to suck people in. He stammered, "You, what did you say?" Why did you ask for marriage. After listening to Wen Yu's question, Han Chu's dark eyes sparkled and slowly bent over, forcing him to come over and slowly open his lips. Intuition of what he was going to say next, Wen Yu knew very well that he was not ready. Wen Yu, whose heart was about to jump out, immediately stretched out her hand and covered her thin lips with sharp edges and corners: "Don't say it, custom cosmetic packing ,polyfoil tube, don't say it.". We have to get down to business. Don't say it. In front of the woman's pink face with spring, the first shake, this charming state makes people indescribably itchy. Han Chu gently held the warm and soft Qianqian thin hand on his mouth, greedily feeling the woman's unique fragrance, reluctant to let go. Wen Yu originally did not let Han Chu speak, but the moist and warm lips gently touched and rubbed the palms of his hands, itching, instantly raising a different kind of feeling. Wen Yu blushed even more, feeling that the whole person was burning up. This kind of atmosphere is really confusing, Wen Yu shook his head vigorously, no, now is not the time to fall in love, there are many things to deal with. Wen Yu tried to wake up her dizzy head. Seeing that Han Chu was still holding his hand and touching it lightly on his mouth, Wen Yu sulked, and this man was not finished yet. Desperately unable to move, Wen Yu raised the other hand to knock the chestnut: "You, you quickly let me go.". I really have something to tell you. Han Chu was still unmoved, and Wen Yu was so angry that he kicked his feet. See Wen Yu hands and feet and use to come, Han Chu eyes emerged a smile, this idea strength in his here is like tickling. It's really nothing. The feeling that just hugged the person in the bosom can be really good, Han Chu wants to come again very much. Can look at the woman in front of this sullen red cheeks, know can not be teased, afraid of people angry directly hit themselves out. Wen Yu is trying to pull back, Han Chu suddenly let go. The strength that used to go out was suddenly empty, and Wen Yu fell back. It's over. I have to fall on all fours today. Wen Yu gave a cry of surprise and closed her eyes. The expected pain did not come, and Wen Yu fell steadily into a solid bosom. The strong man's breath surrounded Wen Yu again, and the strange thing was that there was no previous resistance, but a burst of reassurance in the bottom of my heart. Wen Yu indulged for a moment and was suddenly awakened by this reassurance. Wen Yu immediately struggled to break away from the embrace that made her feel at ease. Wen Yu straightened up, her cheeks flushed, and asked herself in surprise, what was wrong with her? Could it be that I was really hit too hard and wanted to find a comfort. Wen Yu shook her head and tried to calm down her boiling head. Han Chu wanted to know the answer, but looking at the woman's expression, it is estimated that today is not the answer. Han Chu sighed, it seems that he has to be in the force again. Han Chu today to enjoy the beauty of several times, the heart of the depression also disappeared more than half. Look at the appearance of Wen Yu shaking his head in a muddled way, which is very lovely. It's really a comparison with the lovely dumplings. Han Chu could not help but gently stroked Wen Yu's head and forced her to sit down. Then he raised his voice and called the people outside to come in and serve tea. After listening to Han Chu's cry, the asparagus, which was watched by two Mammy, rushed into the house. She wanted to see how her young lady was. As soon as Han Chu entered the room, the asparagus fern was pulled out by Mammy. Asparagus is worried to death, their own young lady is weak, which will be the opponent of Han Chu. Asparagus, who was dragged outside, had already made up a lot of pictures of Han Chu bullying her young lady. Now hear the call, hurry into the house. As soon as Wen Zhu entered the room, he threw himself in front of Wen Yu and asked in tears, "Miss, are you all right?" Seeing the worried appearance of asparagus, Wen Yu was sad and funny. She looked at her and said, "I'm fine. What's the matter with me?" Asparagus repeatedly confirmed that the young lady was all right,pump tube, could not help but secretly gouge out Han Chu a few eyes, dare not brazenly gouge out, secretly gouging out is always possible.